More Twitter Tips

Participate in Twitter Chats                               social media consultant

Chats on Twitter offer a great way to connect and learn from others in your professional sphere. Use the Twitter Chat schedule to find relevant chats and hashtags for your professional and personal interests. Become part of the discussion.

Keep Things Open

If you’re tweeting professionally, you don't want your Tweets to be private. Make your profile and tweets easier to find, share, and showcase to potential employers and colleagues.

Stay Current on Issues in Your Industry

Twitter can keep you in the loop professionally. Follow people who share lots of great news and insights that apply to your professional development, and you can use Twitter as a source for current topics and developments in your industry.

Use Twitter as an Introduction

Before heading to a meeting or conference, look up attendees on Twitter and connect with them. Conversing through social media can make it easy to break the ice and become familiar with others before heading to the event.  This will make it much easier for you to network and connect in person.

Be Real

Twitter is a great professional tool, but it’s important that you don’t forget to be a real person. Share some personality and voice in your tweets, and avoid copying and pasting headlines. Letting followers connect with the real you is a much more authentic way to develop your professional network.

Always Use Your Best Manners

Just because you are online don't forget that manners are important. Politeness and diplomatic behavior will go a long way to professional development. If you find someone's behavior unacceptable. it’s easy to simply unfollow or even block a user. 
Remember that anything you say on Twitter can be retweeted and shared with the world.

Participate Regularly

Be sure to check in regularly so that your followers know they can count on you. Stop Tweeting and connections will stop following.

Put Twitter to Work in Your Job Search

When searching for a job, Twitter can be a valuable tool.  Chats, personal connections, and job listings on Twitter provide opportunities for career growth.

Network Using Twitter

Twitter is a great networking tool.  It can be used to connect with new and past contacts.  Twitter lets you find people you already know and to converse with them on a regular basis.

Start using Twitter today!  It is ranked as one of the ten-most-visited websites worldwide by Alexa's web traffic analysis.