Media Buying

Specialized media buyers who think strategically and maintain strong relationships provide marketing solutions at a fraction of what it would cost you to reach your target. We create media campaigns that deliver results for our clients by knowing the strengths of each medium and how to best utilize them.

As more stations and media outlets are being monopolized by fewer corporations, buying media has become even more complex and expensive.

We successfully negotiate the lowest rates, increasing your reach and frequency. We make certain your ads are right on target, increasing your reach and frequency. And, we ensure your placements are right on target. You receive thorough post-buy and competitive analyses and billing and reconciliation, freeing up your internal resources even further. Additionally, our never-ending search for added value and promotional opportunities significantly increases the return on your advertising investment.

We’re focused on accuracy, flexibility, and fast turn around to meet the urgent needs of our clients.

Media Planning

Today's media planning demands a very strategic approach to reach consumers in a highly fragmented marketplace.The ever-increasing cost of advertising has forced many businesses to critically re-evaluate media budgets to determine how to become more effective.

At Media Management Services, our approach to media planning and buying is based on:

  • thorough market and product research
  • evaluation of competitive spending levels
  • demographics
  • psychographics

We explore ways to reach consumers by considering all aspects of traditional and emerging media usage. By providing a more focused and targeted media campaign, we help you reach potential customers in today's cluttered environment. We develop an individualized media plan that will meet or exceed your marketing goals and stay within defined budgets.

Media Research

We utilize the most up to date information to analyze the most effective and efficient media options for your target demographic. We research traditional and new media to determine the best approach to deliver the greatest results for you.

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