Quick Tips for Taking Pictures with Your Camera Phone!

Now you don’t need to carry your camera around with you all the time if you own a Droid or iPhone.  Now media buyer OH with Instagram your phone photos become great pictures and it’s easy to share and incorporate into your social media platforms.

Here are a few basic tips to get you started on the road for super pictures:

  1. Clean your phone.  Keeping your camera lens clean is essential.  Cellphones can become incredibly dirty in the bottom of your purse or with daily use.  Simply wiping off the lens with the proper cleaner and a soft cloth can make your photos much better.
  2. Light your subject well.  If your camera doesn’t have a built-in flash, try to snap your pictures in an environment with adequate lighting. Turn on some lights!
  3. Keep your subject close. Since camera phones have lower resolution than a full-blown digital camera, the closer you shoot your subject the better.  Be sure to stay within proper range so your pictures don’t look grainy or blurry.
  4. Focus on one object. Choosing to focus on one particular object will generally create more interesting photos.
  5. Create more depth.  Camera phones don’t give you the ability to have the same awesome depth of an expensive camera. You have to create it with your shot itself.  Use lines, repetition, and space with foregrounds and backgrounds to do this.  You can use the Instagram “Tiltshift” effect to make your depth really pop.
  6. Shoot from unusual angles.  Obtaining angles is a challenge with a camera phone. Be sure to shoot down. Shoot from below. Shoot with objects in the foreground to blur out. Don’t just take photos from your eye view!  Be adventurous and get low, high, or level with an object to snap some interesting angles.
  7. Add a border.  Instagram has some interesting borders to incorporate into your shots. From paint-brushed to vintage, white to black, these borders give an artistic vibe to your shots.


With a little practice, you’ll find creating interesting pictures to share with friends and fans is easy!