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What's Your Favorite TV Show to Binge Watch?

By Jane Peters on May 22, 2015 |


The holiday weekend is upon us and in may places in the country the weather doesn't promise to be so good. If you're expecting rain or not so warm weather, it may be time to catch up on your favorite television shows with a little woman_watching_tv_picbinge watching. 

Recently, the Broadcast Television Journalists Association announced the nominees for “Most Bingeworthy Show”.  Nominees for "Most Bingeworthy Show” are American Horror Story: Freak Show, Empire, Game of Thrones, Orange Is the New Black, Vikings” and The Walking Dead. The awards will be presented May 31, with the ceremony to air live on A&E.

For those not familiar with binge watching...What is binge viewing? Perfect for a long weekend, it is watching multiple episodes or an entire season of a series in a short period of time. Appointment TV it isn’t. 

Binge watching has changed how many watch TV. It’s so great to not have to wait a week to see what happens next.  It’s staying up all night to watch all 13 episodes of House of Cards (something I did), or watching multiple episodes of your favorite TV shows.

Netflix has been the biggest contributor to binge watching.  Releasing a full season of their original shows at one time, makes this new American pastime easy.

In June, look for the new sci-fi thriller Sense8,  (premieres June 5). The show follows eight people from across the globe who suddenly find out they’re linked together, as if entangled in the same consciousness, and also under threat from a mysterious enemy. Also on Netflix, Orange is the New Black will return  with Season 3 on June 12. 

While many love the opportunity to consume content when and where they want, many believe that this has hurt television dramas the most.  TV buying has changed for astute media buyers. Very few viewers watch the expensive ads that so many brands have purchased trying to reach an audience in these high profile shows.  

Media buyers and planners continue to place ads in these shows, but if a show is binge worthy, they may be wasting the client's money.

Live programs continue to deliver the most for advertisers. So look for the cost of live sports programming to continue to escalate.

Are you a binge watcher?  Which shows do you view multiple episodes at a time? Madmen? House of Cards? Outlander? 

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