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Stop Selling & Start Helping

By Jane Peters on August 12, 2017 |


After over 30 years in the advertising agency business, I was never comfortable cold calling people. (A sales person I am not. I always hated calling people I hadn't met personally and I avoided it like the plague.) However, the HubSpot Pipeline Generation Bootcamp (PGB), run by Dan Tyre, the developer of the Inbound Sales Program at HubSpot, has changed my thinking and my agency drastically. 

Dan gave me lots of tools and techniques to help me overcome my fears, challenges and pain and taught me how not to sell, but to help...the key to inbound marketing.  I now make warm calls, not cold calls and the difference is huge.

Most importantly, he inspired me every Monday to move out of my comfort zone and connect with business owners and help them find ways to grow their business.  

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This course gave me the confidence and the motivation to help businesses succeed using inbound marketing and the HubSpot technology. It has reminded me why I became a HubSpot partner.

HubSpot's inbound philosophy works for large and small clients and provides tangible results. The inbound sales approach works not just for marketing and advertising companies but for every business that would like to generate more leads and acquire more customers.

Since founding my agency, I have been having conversations with business owners, finding common links, learning about their pain points and offering to help them grow their companies. Because the inbound process for connecting with prospects is not about selling but problem solving, this is now much easier. 

My apprehension about calling new people is subsiding. I am still not a sales person, but I don't have to be. My agency is growing as I remember on a daily basis...stop selling and start helping. We're a growth agency! We help companies grow. Thank you Dan #1 cheerleader.  

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