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Social Media Strategies from Kate Spade

By Braeden Mincher on October 4, 2014 |


Social Strategies From Kate Spade

By: Braeden Mincher, Social Media Manager

Most women know all about Kate Spade and her great purses. But Kate Spade New York (KSNY) knows how to use social media to build customer loyalty. KSNY rewards its loyal customer_loyaltycustomers with extremely generous offers that keep customers coming back.

If you are one of the loyal customers that follow Kate Spade on Facebook, you'll be one of the first to know when the “surprise flash sales” arrive. Designer bags at 75% off gets plenty of fans excited, while getting fans to tune in for other exciting sales and events.

This marketing tactic is rarely use by most brands, but it seems to be working for KSNY. KSNY has been using this technique for a few years.  

KSNY CEO Craig Leavitt was asked about their social strategy. Leavitt responded, “Primarily we’re looking to grow our consumer base and our followers, and ensuring that they remain engaged with us, which is the most important part. That said, we are looking at how to drive more direct revenue. We’ve offered special sales and previews on items to Facebook fans in the past, and we’ll look to do more of that in the future.” 

Using an action-gated page, KSNY was able to generate loyal customers with their flash sales. This action-gated page tells the viewer that if you type in your email and zip code, you will get access to the promotional price or sale.

The innovative use of their Facebook page doesn't stop there. The flash sale does not use the domain from their website. It uses a link that is derived from their Facebook page so only those who follow KSNY on FB can see when they have their sale.

Another technique that KSNY uses to attract customers is the use of visual elements to their posts. The images that they use to post are visually appealing pictures that are clear. Their audience knows immediately that its flash sale time! They also  post messages to their followers about limited time offers, etc. This had a large impact on their sales.

If you're just starting or you've been using it for a while. the most successful social media efforts are based on a solid plan. When so much of your business is influenced by on your social media success, having a plan is essential. 

Keep these 3 Tips in Mind!

  • Pick a goal is for your social media.  Do you want to create awareness, sales or loyal customers? Don't try to do all three at once.  Concentrate on one goal at a time.
  • Audit your current efforts. You can see what is or isn't working. An analysis of your current efforts will help you plan your strategy.
  • Develop quality content. The quality of content varies drastically from excellent to spam. Be sure your content is targeted to your audience and is relevant to them.
  • Use analytics to track progress. Analytic data of your social efforts will help you improve your social strategy. There are several great platforms that allow you to track your success.

Social platforms offer some powerful tools. However, It can also be a confusing and time-consuming to implement a social campaign. 

We work with  small to medium size businesses looking to add customers and grow profits. Media Management Services Inc. offers a comprehensive program to help you effectively use social platforms. Perhaps you're using Facebook, but haven't ventured onto other sites.  We can help you determine the best ones for reaching your audience and achieving your goals.

We believe that a successful social campaign includes a solid strategy that includes audience engagement and interaction. Give us a call if you would like some help with your social media marketing.

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