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Should You Stop Using TV Advertising?

By Jane Peters on July 18, 2017 |


Media consumption habits are changing dramatically. People are viewing content in a variety of ways. So, what's the best way for advertisers to MMS inbound marketing 2.jpgreach their target consumer?

Sight, sound and a huge reach made TV advertising the ultimate tool in advertising circles for decades. Now that DVRs allow viewers to skip past commercials and other electronic devices are grabbing viewers' attention during commercials that haven't been skipped, it has become much more difficult for advertisers to reach their target audience using television.

Unfortunately for the television industry, 2017 is looking as if revenue will be down. (This will be the first time since the 2009 recession.) The decline is due in large part to the use of other platforms to view content. 

Research recently released by Facebook shows, that people can't stop looking at their phone during TV commercials. The Facebook study examined the activity of a select group of users while they were watching the season premiere of a popular TV show. During each commercial break, the group of 537 respondents were studied. The surprising results showed that these viewers actually spent more time on Facebook than they had before or after the program.

It seems live sports programs, breaking news, and politics are about the only TV content people don't skip through. Should advertisers give up on TV?

Advertisers need to realize that television is still a powerful medium but it is in direct competition with mobile marketing. Mobile marketing has the advantage that beyond every household, every person has a screen with them at all times.

Smartphones allow people to control what they see, where and when they want to see it. When the TV no longer holds their attention, they're picking up their phone. Phone in hand, they're scrolling through feeds and moving between other apps and sites.

The study clearly suggests that if brands want to ensure their ads are being seen by TV viewers, they need to find a way to sync their TV ads with digital and social media. Not only would this increase the likelihood of ads being seen by the viewer, but it is an opportunity for ads to engage the audience and be more interactive with the audience.

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