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Use Facebook Marketing to Grow Your Business

By Jane Peters on September 2, 2017 in social media advertising

Facebook Marketplace can expand your business.

Are you using social media marketing for your business? Small business owners have found a new tool for growing their business using Facebook marketing. Their ecommerce platform, Facebook...

Stop Selling & Start Helping

By Jane Peters on August 12, 2017

After over 30 years in the advertising agency business, I was never comfortable cold calling people. (A sales person I am not. I always hated calling people I hadn't met personally and I avoided it like the plague.) However, the HubSpot Pipeline...

Marketing a Professional Practice

By Jane Peters on August 11, 2017 in marketing for attorneys, inbound marketing for dentists, professionals, inbound marketing for physicians

Do you think that inbound marketing is just for retailers and not for professional practices? When Legacy Dental started using HubSpot to help with inbound marketing, they were unprepared for the level of success they would see.