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New Look for Facebook Business Pages

By Jane Peters on August 9, 2018 |


If you own a business, you probably woke up this morning with a message from Facebook. Dear, "We want to let you know that your page's template will be changing. This new design will help you connect with the people who care most about your business on Facebook."

From the information provided, it is hard to tell just how the new design will work, or if it will work for you business. 

You will have the option of keeping the old design if you love how your page looks, or you can choose from several templates designed for different types of business, such as Services, Business, Movies, etc.  

You can make this change now, or they will automatically update your page layout on August 23rd, 2018. 

At Media Management Services, we know that a successful social program can help businesses achieve meaningful and measureable business results. We have developed a unique approach, from strategy to execution, which helps us understand our individual clients’ business needs and their consumers so we can design solutions that make an impact.

Social media can be a powerful tool. It can also be a confusing and time-consuming one. Social media allows companies to listen to their customers and prospects and build relationships with them.

Media Management Services Inc. offers a comprehensive program to help you effectively use social media. We believe that a successful social media campaign includes a solid strategy that includes audience engagement and interaction backed with state of the art analytics.

We can monitor your brand mentions and relevant conversations, track engagements automatically, and schedule your socials posts to be published when the right people will see them. Whether your business is just getting started or has been around for decades, MMS will ensure your company has a digital presence.

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