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NBC Joining the Binge TV Parade...How Will Media Buyers React?

By Jane Peters on May 29, 2015 |


NBC released the complete 13-episode season of Aquarius online yesterday (  It Aquarius_is a work of historical fiction that begins two years before the 1969 Tate-LaBianca murders. It's a thriller, that will lend itself to the binge watching audience. 

They are also airing the new drama series starring David Duchovny each week on linear TV.  Bob Greenblatt, NBC's entertainment chairman stated that it was a first for a broadcast network.  In trying to push some new boundaries and give audiences what they want NBC is showing a unique talent for seeing the trend and capitalizing on it. Other networks will probably be following suit soon.

Netflix, the innovator of binge-viewing, has over 60 million global subscribers and is growing.  Viewers don't seem to be tiring of the phenomena of TV binging.  Deloitte's Digital Democracy Survey, conducted in November, found that 63 percent of those polled engage in marathon viewing and 31 percent binge-watch (defined as watching three or more episodes in one sitting) at least once a week.

While networks bemoan the trend, realizing that more and more viewers are taking control of their content and how they consume it, is a trend that won't go away. Gone are the days of appointment TV.  Who has the time? Busy lives mean consuming shows when and where the viewer wants. Not too many people stay in just to watch a favorite TV there's no need.

As an advertiser or media buyer, how do you adapt your media plans?  Traditional TV buys are no longer enough.  Media buyers need to examine multiple platforms to deliver the results their clients want. 

Meeting marketing goals in today's competitive, ever-changing environment has become increasingly complex. Additional options, higher costs, greater risks and smaller profit margins make the need for effective and efficient media and public relations planning more critical than ever.

At Media Management Services, Inc., we continually pursue the latest developments and trends in the marketplace to implement your marketing goals. We develop integrated 360 media plans that leverage both traditional and digital channels.

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