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Media Buyers Will See New ABC Programs Today

By Jane Peters on May 16, 2016 |


Today the television upfront presentations begin. It is the time of year when broadcast networks introduce their program schedules to media buyers and planners.abc_icon.jpg

Networks will be highlighting their new shows along with their old programs in the hopes of capturing large shares of advertiser's media dollars upfront.  As digital platforms continue to erode TV dollars, the upfront sales will be especially important to broadcasters this year.

What's ABC's Plan for Fall?

ABC is desperately trying to bolster sagging ratings.  After experiencing the largest audience losses of any of the major networks, the decision was made to oust its entertainment president. 

We can only hope that the canceling of Nashville and Castle doesn't mean more mediocre programs like The Muppets or Wicked City, two major flops this past season.

Hoping that Shonda Rhimes can pull a rabbit out of the hat again, they have given the green light to a new series called Still Star-Crossed about the Mantagues and Capulets after the demise of Romeo and Juliet.

Returning Thursday night series How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal were close to jumping the shark this past year. Let's hope new plot lines and a little magic from Ms. Rhimes can revive these tired and predictable shows. You can expect the return of black-ish and Fresh Off the Boat as well as Quantico this fall.

Media buyers and planners will be looking for the best programs for the coveted 18-to-49 demographic. Will ABC re-coup it's losses?

Today's media planning demands a very strategic approach to reach consumers in a highly fragmented marketplace.The ever-increasing cost of advertising has forced many businesses to critically re-evaluate media budgets to determine how to become more effective.

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