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Is Geofencing Marketing Right for Your Small Business?

By Jane Peters on March 30, 2018 |



Let's start with what geofencing is all about. This is a mobile technology based on location that allows you define a precise, hyper-local geographic area for a specific mobile use or application. 

It uses global positioning (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define a geographic boundary. Once this “virtual fence” is established, the administrator can set up triggers for consumers on their smartphones or other mobile devices, that send a text message (SMS), mobile ad, email alert, or app notification when their mobile device enters (or exits) the specified area. 

Geofences can also be dynamic and grow, or shrink based on pre-determined criteria. An example would be, if you’re using mobile advertising to attract people to your restaurant, you may want a larger boundary during off peak times, and a smaller fence during rush hour. (This is an important feature that allows you to reach the most local consumers at any given time.)

Many businesses have used this app to connect with their employees. When combined with mobile time tracking, geofencing can be used to remind workers to clock in or out. It can also be used to create safer job sites.

Benefits of dynamic geofencing technology for local businesses: 

  • You can send your ad to consumers when they are actually near your business, even if they don’t live or work near it.
  • You can advertise to new prospects by showing them special offers or messages when they are close to your business.
  • You can show an ad to prospects who may be on their way to a local competitor.
  • You can communicate with employees to create safer work environments.
Geofencing can be a big factor in triggering immediate sales as well as understanding shopper mindset. There are many options for local businesses such as sectioning off areas around your store to geofencing a local event. 
Businesses owners considering geofencing should consider that most people are happy to disclose their location to an app if it helps them. However, don't over use it. When you send too many alerts prospects will quickly choose to ignore them.
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