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Instagram -The Hot Video Platform in 2017

By Jane Peters on March 20, 2017 |



Why Instagram? If you want to promote your brand and use visuals to connect with your target market, you should consider using Instagram. The social platform has over 500 million monthly active users. This is the highest engagement of any social media platform today and you can easily use it to market your products or services. 

The biggest problem with the app is its lack of in-depth analytics. This makes it harder to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

It began as a photo-first platform and now includes plenty of video. Owned by Facebook, the service rolled out a number of moving picture features in 2016, including a clone called Instagram Stories.  Along with Stories, in 2016 began letting brands advertise with swipeable video carousel ads, and last month began allowing all users to do the same organically. instagram_logo.jpg

The Carousel ad format, allows marketers to pick five videos or a combination of photos and videos for users to swipe through. The new format is an extension of their existing carousel ads for photos that the company unveiled in March 2015. According to James Quarles, the global head of business and brand development, the platform's video views have increased 40 percent in the past six months.

The platform has continued to grow bigger, faster and stronger. The visual medium has evolved into something deeper and broader, with users quickly adopting Stories to post about their day or live streaming for the first time for up to an hour.  

Now that Instagram has become a proven resource more than just a gimmick, it makes sense for companies to actively use it to promote their business. Whether you’ve never tried it or you're struggling to make it work for your brand,  Media Management Services can help you use social media for business successfully. We help medium and small businesses grow their brand with their social media management and digital marketing.

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