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Why You Need Facebook Marketing as Part of Your Strategy

By Jane Peters on December 14, 2016 |


Digital marketing is important for medium and small businesses to compete. Social media platforms have proven to be essential to their online marketing strategy. Of all the platforms available, the digital_marketing_picmost effective has been Facebook, for anyone who sells their goods or services to the public.

Facebook offers businesses many opportunities to deliver targeted advertising messages to existing customers and potential customers. But if you have been relying on your teenager or a college intern to navigate the complex world of social media,you may need to re-think that strategy.

Have you noticed that your Facebook posts aren't delivering the results they once did?  There is a very good reason your posts aren't delivering. FB has dramatically cut organic reach for brands.  

FB has adopted a pay-to-play model that has reduced the organic reach so drastically that you may have seen your organic reach cut by more than half, (while many brands report a 90% loss). 

FB is a business that now caters to its investors and profit margins.  It needs to make money and sponsored posts are the best thing they have to do just that. 

You can moan and groan about the demise of the organic news feed, but the bottom line is that you need to add dollars to your advertising budget for Facebook marketing .

If you're a small business, don't worry.  Businesses with small ad budgets can benefit from FB ads. You don't need thousands of dollars to see good results. 

One of the benefits of Facebook advertising is that it’s flexible and better able to accommodate budget constraints than traditional media. By targeting your ads strategically, you can achieve much greater efficiency.

FB allows companies to listen to their customers and prospects and build relationships with them. FB advertising can be a powerful tool, but it can also be a confusing and time-consuming one.

By now you should be thinking about how your company can use a FB marketing campaign but perhaps you don't know where to start. At Media Management Services,  we work with small to medium size businesses looking to add customers and grow profits.

Media Management Services Inc. offers a comprehensive program to help you effectively use FB marketing. We believe that a successful Facebook campaign includes a solid strategy that includes audience engagement and interaction backed with state of the art analytics.  

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