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Exact Match Domain Names Can Hurt Your SEO

By Jane Peters on October 21, 2014 |


Years ago when choosing a domain name, business owners were encouraged to choose a name that closely or exactly matched the keyword or words they wanted to rank highly for.  Webmasters touted this as an excellent search engine optimization (SEO) tool. This was a great idea at the time, but Google began to monitor exact match domains or EMDs around 2010.                      penguin 

What they found were many low quality sites with high search rankings because of the EMD.  In order to preserve the quality of a users search, in 2012 Google released Penguin, an update that was aimed at reducing the ranking of poor quality EMDs. In 2013, it released Penguin 2.0 that was designed to be even stricter.

Now any website that is built with the intent of ranking a single keyword phrase and using an EMD is probably going to be considered a low quality site by Google. The goal of search engines  is to keep users coming back by delivering useful search results. They want the websites to focus on information about the topics users are searching for, not a single phrase.

If you are not going to use a company name for your site, rather than focus on a single keyword phrase in your domain name, find a name people will remember. Your SEO won't get your site penalized by the new algorithms that are being applied by search engines.

Times have changed and you will be much safer using the approved strategies Google offers for page ranking, than tempting fate for a temporary advantage.  Google's release of Panda & Penguin now places the emphasis on quality content and user experience.

Make your site easy to read. Provide information visitors need and get your content shared through social networks and you'll be rewarded rather than penalized.  Following the rules is important in today's digital world.

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