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What is StumbleUpon? Should It Be Part of Your Company's Social Media Strategy?

By Jane Peters on October 13, 2011 |


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StumbleUpon is another digital tool for your social media strategy to help increase your web presence.

In May 2007, StumbleUpon was purchased by eBay and now has more than 20 million registered users who click a button to load a webpage they have picked out based on users’ preferences and behavior. Currently, more than 1 billion web pages every month are viewed by Stumblers and it can drive more users to your website than Facebook.

StumbleUpon is based on the idea that Web-browsing is a personal experience and they want to capitalize on this. It allows users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos that are personalized to their tastes and interests using peer-sourcing and social networking principles. Over time as you use it, your preferences are noted and pages that align with those interests are suggested to you.

StumbleUpon recently introduced a beta version of their Explore Box.  It is a new way for you to explore even more of the things you like.  By typing a word or phrase into the Explore Box you are provided community-endorsed content related to your specific interest or passion.

StumbleUpon’s 500+ topics have been a great way for millions of people to find hidden gems on the Web. With the Explore Box, you can explore more specific interests than the general topics allow.

If you have a website or blog, having a page popular on StumbleUpon can be an excellent source of qualified traffic, as the people clicking through to your page have specified they are interested in your information.  While StumbleUpon brings lower numbers of people to your page than other bookmarking sites such as Digg or Delicious, the traffic is steadier and more consistent.

It is also a good way to connect with others in your industry.  Subscribing to an important blogger in your field will let you track news and trends in your industry.

StumbleUpon also uses knowledge of user preferences to deliver targeted advertising. A small proportion of the pages users come across are sponsored pages matching their topics of interest, usually about 2%.

Is StumbleUpon a tool that will help your business?  It is one more tool that helps elevate your business with search engines. The best way to use StumbleUpon is to stumble often.  The more you use it, the more likely people will find you. 

As someone who often stumbles around the internet blindly, I like the tool.  It is a free app on my iphone and it can be amusing to see what they send me.

If you have used StumbleUpon for your business or for fun, I would love to have your comments. 


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