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PR in a Digital World...How Social Media Has Changed PR

By Jane Peters on October 7, 2011 |


PR in social mediaPublic Relations efforts have evolved into much more than mainstream media.  It is no longer about the CEO giving a news conference, but your customers and prospects learning about you and your company on the web.  PR is no longer an isolated function but needs to be integrated into your larger online and off-line marketing program.

Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube, Twitter, and your website are all excellent ways to communicate directly with your audience, whether to market or inform.

In the past, journalists controlled the information and what was written about you, but now you have the ability to control your online reputation in real-time.  PR efforts are no longer relegated to the mass media, but can be spread to thousands in seconds using the digital platforms. 

Mainstream media is still important, but smart companies are utilizing the web to a much greater degree.  News releases are no longer buried in the news section of a website, but are being distributed on Fan Pages, news feeds, Blogs, and Twitter.  An important note: if it is important enough to inform a handful of journalists, it is important enough to share with your customers, employees, and prospects.

What is reputation management? Reputation management is about monitoring what others are saying about your products and services online. You need to know positive as well as negative comments about your company.

A negative comment can alert you to any problems or issues you may need to address internally. Having a policy in place about how you will respond to negative comments will make it much easier should the problem occur. Most people appreciate a prompt response.  Many are just looking for someone to listen to their complaint and offer a solution.

Subscribing to RSS feeds, setting up a Google Alerts account or using a monitoring service such as Social Mention are excellent ways to stay informed. There are several services that monitor your brand and alert you when something is being said.

There are three major components to a successful online PR effort. 

1. Distribution....getting your message out across multiple platforms.

2. Editorial calendars and contacts....knowing who to contact and what articles reporters are planning on writing.

3.  Monitoring tools....know the positive and negative comments that are being made.

Online PR is about communicating with your audience in an honest straight forward manner.  It just another tool for strengthening your customer relationships.

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