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Basic Etiquette for Business Using Social Media

By Jane Peters on September 19, 2011 |



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Basic Etiquette for Business Using Social Media

Whenever I hear the word etiquette I always think of Emily Post or Miss Manners.  Using the right fork is not what I'm talking about. If you were at a coktail party how would you behave?  What rules apply now for online social interactions?  Not everyone is practiced at living online, but being polite on social media is never wrong.

Remember the golden rule when posting anything.  If you don’t mind seeing it on the front page of a newspaper, go ahead and post it.  With search and caching nothing is ever really gone. Once you publish something, it can be easily found, again and again and again. 

Here are 6 basic rules that are easy to apply:

1.  Never send out spam.  No exceptions.  No one likes spam.

2.  Don’t attack competitors.  Avoid participating in social media sabotage.  Pretending to be an unhappy customer is tacky.

3.  Don’t create fake identities to push a point. If others are not in favor of your viewpoint, drop it.  Trying to use fake names to support your opinion will end badly.  You’ll probably get caught and look very foolish and less than ethical.

4.  Don’t post anything questionable or compromising of someone else unless you check with them first.  Whether a photo or comment, think how you would feel if it were you. 

5.  Comment publicly.  The more open your social interactions, the more social you appear.  If you’re keeping every social interaction private, you are missing the point of social media.

6.  Acknowledge new friends and or fans.  Everyone likes to be appreciated.

There are probably thousands of tips that could be discussed. I am sure you have your pet peeves about Social Media manners.  Please feel free to share them in the comment section.  We can all benefit from being more social online.

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