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9 Basic Steps for LinkedIn Success

By Jane Peters on August 10, 2011 |


LinkedIn logo 9 Basic Tips for LinkedIn Success

LinkedIn is the leading professional networking site with over 120 million members.  LinkedIn allows you to manage your professional identity, build and engage with a professional network, and find a job or recruit  quality job candidates.

The key to success on LinkedIn is to establish clear goals and focus your actions on the site to achieving these goals.

If your goal is to find potential customers and use LinkedIn to establish yourself as an expert in your field, you may want to use a premium account versus the free account.

Besides allowing you to create a professional profile, develop network connections, search for jobs and people, send unlimited emails to your connections, get unlimited requests for connections, and join LinkedIn Groups and Answers, a premium account lets you also send three InMails per month, save 5 searches and receive weekly alerts on each, maintain 15 pending introductions versus 5, create 5 profile organizer folders and view 300 profile results versus 100 per search.

1.  Determine your goals. Whether using the free or premium account establish the reasons for using LinkedIn and develop a strategy for achieving these goals.  If you want to promote your business your strategy would be focused on establishing your expertise and your experience.

2. Search the profiles of competitors and professionals in your field. Examine the profiles that standout to you and see what elements these profiles have included.

3. Make a list of keywords.  Using words that relate to your industry and experience to include in your profile increases your profile visibility.

4. Have a current resume available to make adding all your work experience easy and quick.

5.  Create your profile and be sure to complete the profile.  To be considered complete you will need to add your current position, at least two past positions, your education, a profile summary, a photo, your specialties and at least three recommendations.  Profiles with complete profiles get almost double the requests versus those that aren’t complete.

6.  Determine your networking strategy.  If you want to increase your business contacts you may decide to connect with anyone and everyone. 

7.  Add connections.  You can use your email addresses, explore the Colleagues and Classmates tabs, or utilize the Search People option from the drop-down menu.

8.  Join groups.  While some groups are filled with spam, most are places to participate in discussions, learn from your peers and meet interesting people.  They are great ways to connect with people who have similar goals.

9.  Maintain your profile.  Keep your profile current and post updates often.  Keep in mind your posts should be a conversation not an advertisement about what’s new and exciting.

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for establishing business connections and attaining your business goals.


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