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The Rules of Marketing Have Changed-Inbound Marketing Is Essential!

By Jane Peters on August 8, 2011 |


media consultant OHThe rules for marketing today have changed.  Traditional advertising such as TV, radio, newspaper, and direct mail were designed to appeal to the masses.  Advertising was one-way:company to consumer. 

The web has changed the rules.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email marketing, Google, mobile phones etc. allow marketing strategies to shift to targeting huge numbers of under-served consumers.

We (as consumers) have gotten smarter to advertising and are pretty good at tuning out most forms of traditional marketing.  That doesn’t mean most companies still don’t try to bombard people with cold calls, spam, direct mail, and all sorts of other techniques.  As we continue to improve our ability to filter out these tactics- outbound marketing methods become significantly less and less effective.

Now most people (even businesses) turn to Google and to their online personal networks to research and make purchasing decisions.

Looking for a new car?  Trying to find a new sofa? Have a repair problem?   Most people will Google questions like these to start researching solutions.  Had a really great shopping experience? Found a really cool website? Read an awesome blog post? This is the kind of information people are sharing on social media and it’s extremely influential andvery powerful for a businesses.

Introducing Inbound Marketing

So what is Inbound Marketing?  Inbound Marketing is a way of attracting and engaging prospective customers online.  Inbound Marketing is about transforming yourself into a hub of information and content.  It allows you to connect and communicate with your audience.

Inbound Marketing Looks Like This:

Get Found + Convert + Analyze = Inbound Marketing

Get Found Online & Engage Prospects: Getting Found is all about creating remarkable content that interests prospective customers or answers a question they have. 

Convert Prospects & Leads: Converting Prospects is how to entice visitors to your site into leads by filling out a form.  You can then nurture your leads into   customers!

Analyze your efforts & Improve your decisions: With Inbound Marketing its possible to track your success and see your ROI of various marketing efforts.  This allows you to make improvements and invest your time and money where you see the greatest results!

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