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Engage Customers with Email Marketing

By Braeden Mincher on July 24, 2014 |


By: Braeden Mincher, Social Media Manager

Marketing is important for every business to succeed. For small businesses especially, this can be a difficult task to uphold. However, there are four ways to connect this marketing gap between small businesses and their marketing.

Many businesses try to work with email marketing and other automation software but this often if not the best solution to marketing goals, creating a marketing gap with the business. Smaller businesses and start-ups have the most challenge since they have a limited amount of internal resources and a higher amount of immediate business demands.Email Marketing

You could blame this marketing gap on multiple issues a business often has. Whether the problem is not enough time, limited amount of internal marketing resources, the hardships of managing a continuous program, lack of training in a particular area, not meeting your goals, these four simple steps will help you understand and achieve email marketing investments and marketing automation.

To better your marketing situation, remember the four C’s of email marketing and marketing automation: collecting, connecting, converting, and circulation.


How do you find your customers? Businesses need to look into where they get their leads, business contacts, and front-end sales. Many businesses will have a marketing blog that includes a call-to-action with a landing page to generate leads, or split-testing. Other businesses may have opt-in form variations and drop-down segmentations, inbound marketing techniques and outbound lead generation campaign design. Collecting potential customer info can fulfill those potential customers into leads before making them into customers.


Building a relationship with customers not only makes for a better business, but a happier customer. A common and effective method for this is following up with your customers asking about their experience using your business or how their product is doing. Other strategies for connecting with the customer include customer profiles and avatars, analytics to get them to open an email and click-through rates, and split-testing email sequences and subject lines. Communicating with your customers in ways that seem relevant to them can give you better results in customer engagement, appointments and sales.

Converting describes this step the best by saying “Businesses should be working to leverage email and automation strategies to assist customers in making their first significant step forward with the organization’s business. Some converting strategies include appointment form split-testing, landing or sales page split-testing, offer and campaign construction

The best way to start converting depends on how your business is run. If you’re the type of business sells products online, then email marketing may be the best solution to drive sales. If people walk into your business and you sell in person, using email should usually be used for getting appointments set up with customers.


After a business obtains a customer, they want to continue that business-customer relationship. Some strategies for circulation include “determination of broadcast regiments, long-term customer lifetime value mapping and optimization (“deep” campaigns as an alternative to neglecting past prospects and customers), “newsletter” segmentation, and testing methods engineered to refine communication for long-term engagement.”

The rise of media consultants will increase in the next few years, as companies realize that trying to sift through all the emails and all the information about products and services that may be relevant to their company, leaves little time for their core business.

A media consultant can help you determine the best and most efficient platforms and how to focus your marketing budget for maximum results while saving you lots of time.

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