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Eight Public Relations Tools for Small Businesses

By Braeden Mincher on July 3, 2014 |


By: Braeden Mincher, Social Media Manager

It’s true – people have gotten by doing their own Public relations. PR is essential to any successful business endeavor but if you are a small or start-up business with a tight budget, hiring a big time PR firm is not in the cards for you. So, what do if you are stuck in this common situation? Do it yourself (DIY). No, this method is not always the most effective route to take, but it is the most cost efficient.

If you are a small business in need of help to launch your PR campaigns, here is a list of eight DIY PR resources that can help.Public Relations, Inbound marketing

1. The first on this list is Help a Reporter Out (HARO). You can sign up as a source and HARO will send you queries from journalists to your inbox in bulk throughout the day. This way, you can share your expertise and at the same time you can get free publicity. If any of the queries you receive is a good fit for your knowledge and business, you can then pitch a response, including how you’re qualified, directly to the journalist via email for an interview or quote. Through HARO, you can get connected with reporters, bloggers, and journalists from different types of publications and media outlets who are looking for information that you know the most about! What’s the best part about this service? IT’S FREE.

2. The second PR outlet we are going to investigate is MuckRack. MuckRack helps businesses search their database of more than 20,000 journalists and media representatives. MuckRack’s features include inbox alerts, direct email pitches, social sharing, and media list creation and organization. To join MuckRack, you would need to sign up as a PR pro or marketer and choose a subscription plan. You can then begin searching for journalists by their name, keywords, outlets, Twitter accounts, hashtags, media properties, etc. MuckRack starts at $179 a month.

3. The next effective PR tool is a site called PRWeb. This business supplement will publish press releases across the Web on search engines, blogs, major news sites, and websites with no PR skills required. This can increase your reach and leads to your business online. For only $99 a month, you can write a press release for your business (Examples for press releases are offered on the website). You can also add video, keywords, other channels, etc.

4. Handle Your Own PR (HYOPR) is another DIY PR service that walks you through everything you need in order to create media lists and gets free publicity for your business. HYOPR gives you the tips, tools, and other helpful resources to help you get your PR campaigns off the ground. You could purchase media lists starting at $80, but HYOPR is free to use.

5. The fifth on this list is called HootSuite. By signing on using Twitter, Facebook, Google + or your email address, you can get up to three social media profiles for free. Here, you find leads and search for your biggest social media influencers. HootSuite is a social media management tool that gives you the control to multiple social media accounts using a dashboard to aid social media marketing while monitoring and increasing engagement. This tool organizes and helps you monitor your content, likes and shares.

6. MyBlogGuest connects bloggers with brands and content creators to share their knowledge, build connections, and cross-promote their offerings. You can reach heavily targeted audiences by writing good, quality guest posts on major blogs. You can sign up and look at the forums for free, but full-featured accounts start at $50 per month.

7. Is there anything Google can’t do? For free, you can get Google Alerts, that lets you monitor your presence online and where you stand on the Web. You can check out what people are saying about you and how your PR campaigns are doing compared to competitors. Google Alerts are sent to your inbox and you can chose the frequency and types of alerts you want to receive by using the settings.

8. Last but certainly not least, you can join LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a growing, professional social media site that allows you to connect with classmates, references, colleagues, etc. You can also search for job postings using this site. Not only is this is social site, it is also a great source to find journalists, PR reps, and other media professionals that can help your PR campaign take off. It is free to get started on this professional social site, but there is a fee to upgrade which is recommended for businesses and business professionals.

Public Relations efforts have evolved into much more than mainstream media.  It is no longer about the CEO giving a news conference, but your customers and prospects learning about you and your company on the web.  PR is no longer an isolated function but needs to be integrated into your larger on-line and off-line marketing program. Social media has changed the PR game for the better.

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