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Inbound Marketing for Your Facebook Advertising Strategy

By Braeden Mincher on August 13, 2014 |


By: Braeden Mincher, Social Media Manager

Facebook marketing has been a popular way to get businesses’ names out there and advertised to the generation of digital media users. It’s no secret that Facebook marketing has helped businesses of all sizes and specialties with their marketing strategy.

But what many people do not know is that you can amplify your Facebook marketing strategy by using inbound marketing. By now you know that social media advertising, when done correctly, can enhance your current marketing strategy.inbound marketing, facebook, social media

You could spend a lot of money in advertising on Facebook by paying to get your homepage shown to millions of people, but instead of doing this, why don’t you just advertise to the right people? Social hubs such as Facebook have a vast amount of user information that can tell marketers a lot about you. Advertising to mass amounts of people can be a waste of time and money when you advertise to the wrong crowd. Instead, we should be focused on narrowing our casting net about what we advertise to whom. It makes sense to advertise only to those who have already showed interest in your business specialty.

There are three targeting methods to make sure you are sharing your content and brand to those who are most likely to be interested in what your message is.

In order to target your specific audience on Facebook, you’ll need to get in touch with Facebook’s ad platform. This is how Facebook targets those with certain interests. You use the ad platform to find people who have shown interest in your industry or related content. If you own your own wedding dress shop and have a blog post on “Finding the Perfect Dress,” Facebook knows which people are interested in finding a wedding dress. The perfect audience based off of the content you published. Some of the best targeting capabilities that come from Facebook stem from “interests” targeting. This allows you to get as specific as you want and your audience will be those with the same exact interests as your content.

The next form of targeting that is also great for marketers is the “Behavioral Targeting.” This is Facebook’s way of guessing what you will do next based off what you have searched for in the past. As creepy as it sounds, Facebook can now look at your activities and make assumptions about what you will do next. Rather than targeting people randomly, by targeting a group of people on Facebook that has similar recent activity, you are more likely to be seen by the right people in their buying process. This increases the relevance, exposure, and success in the ads you post on Facebook. The most important thing to take away from this tip is the term, relevance. People are more likely to click on your ad if it relates to them.

The last tip is retargeting prospects and customers with Facebook. You don’t just want people to click on your Facebook ad; you want them to turn into customers. Getting people to click on your ad is just a lead, you need those leads to funnel down and get them closer to being customers. Sending weekly or monthly emails has seen an average of a 25% open rate. But what about the other 75%? This is where Facebook’s Custom Audiences come to play. Custom Audiences allow marketers to target an exact list of people with Facebook ads that are relevant to the people in your list. There is no more need to put out an open ad hoping that someone will bite because now, you are reaching out to the right people. A Custom Audience is a list from your own database that you can use to target your advertising on Facebook; this way, you can reach current potential customers.

Combining social media with advertising makes for great marketing if you do it the inbound way. Facebook advertising can be a great tool to use to enhance your inbound marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing helps potential customers find you or your company through search. With the right tools, small and medium sized businesses can compete effectively with the big companies that could dominate market share with large TV and radio budgets. 

At Media Management Services we provide clients with all the tools needed to compete with larger companies. What we do is get you found, generate leads and build your connections to customers and prospects across multiple platforms.  We can deliver a consistent message on all your platforms.



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