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3 Ways Facebook Marketing Can Promote Your Business

By Braeden Mincher on June 26, 2014 |


By: Braeden Mincher, Social Media Manager

What can your business learn from Kate Spade New York and Benefit Cosmetics?

As businesses, advertisers, and people, we are constantly learning from others in our same category. More importantly, businesses that have found success in their advertising and marketing campaigns can teach us either what to do or what not to do. Social media has been the most cost-effective and efficient way to advertise, especially to a younger crowd. In this case, two newer companies are going to teach us how their unique social media marketing strategy benefited them and helped them sky-rocket their sales.   Facebook Marketing, Email Marketing

But first, there are three lessons to learn from the two companies; Kate New York (Kate Spade New York is an American fashion design house founded as Kate Spade),and Benefit Cosmetics. Their marketing campaign on Facebook has brought them recognition and success.

The first thing to take away from their successful campaigns is that they were consistent on keeping their message at one focus. Meaning, throughout their campaign, the two companies were not all over the board with their message and people knew what they were trying to promote. Especially on Facebook, businesses may worry that they are being to repetitive with promoting a sale or a new item. They may think that their audience is getting bored with their reoccurring message, but this is not the case. Facebook’s newsfeed is constantly updating and moving so there is a chance that a large part of your audience is not even seeing your posts on Facebook. Posting more updates about your business can increase the amount of people that can see your post.

Even if your audience sees your post more than once, this can turn out to be a good thing. Advertisers have researched that a message is effective if someone views it at least three times, but no more than 12 times. It is considered underexposure if someone sees an ad less than three times, but overexposure if the viewer sees it more than 12 times.

The next lesson to learn from KSNY and Benefit Cosmetics is beginning your campaign on a webpage that is separate from any other platform. Creating a separate webpage or “hub” can make your campaign run more smoothly and make it easier as well. If you were to use other platforms such as Facebook to host your campaign, you would have to follow their rules and guidelines for promotion. Having your own independent webpage allows for more freedom to customize the type of campaign-promotion you want to run.

The last lesson that we’ve learned from these two successful brands is the give and take of gathering information from your audience. This may be the most important thing to take away from their campaigns. Offer more information or a special discount (etc) for a product in exchange for their email address, zip code, phone number, etc, or all the above. This way, you can directly market to those customers after doing your promotional marketing campaign. This helps keep your audience interested and engaged with your brand. Your customers can even review your products which can help your business gain success as well as valuable customer insight.

Find out what exactly KSNY and Benefit Cosmetics did on Facebook to give them their success by clicking the link below!

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