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Twitter Adopts SnappyTV - Changes Social Media

By Braeden Mincher on June 25, 2014 |


By: Braeden Mincher, Social Media Manager

Twitter is constantly updating to make users’ lives simpler when they go on their account. A more recent and popular feature of Twitter is sharing video clips with other users. With that being said, Twitter has recently acquired SnappyTV.

The SnappyTV platform allows organizations to quickly create, send out, and measure real-time promotional messaging delivered via social media channels. There are millions of messages being sent out during live and highly viewed shows, and important broadcasts. With social media and other interactions, the amount of viewers for these programs rapidly increases. SnappyTV gives you a dynamic set of tools that allows these organizations to store, edit, and share live video and TV programming within the cloud. For those of you who don’t know what cloud computing is, it allows you to store and access data and programs through the internet rather than using your computer’s hard drive.Twitter, Social media, SnappyTV

Twitter said in a blog post about their new addition, “As we continue to invest in video, it’s important for us to provide tools that make it easy for TV broadcasters, businesses, and event producers to share high-quality videos…To that end, we’ve agreed to acquire SnappyTV.” 

SnappyTV mentioned in their blog post about the deal, “With Twitter we will continue our commitment to maintaining an open platform for social broadcasting of live events, across a variety of digital platforms…Joining Twitter will allow us to provide an even better product and bring the platform to more content owners and event organizers throughout the world.”

SnappyTV establishes their goals on their website; they believe that all content production will be moved completely to the cloud, in addition to making enterprises more efficient and productive with the large amount of money spent on media production each year.

With the new addition, companies that use Twitter can now share clips of their favorite or informative TV broadcast directly after being aired. Companies can then tweet out clips from breaking news or highlights from a sports match which can lure in more viewers to their network. This will bring more attention to broadcasts and companies that use this new tool. But do not expect that there will be no ads before the clips because Twitter also has a service that allows companies to place short ads before sending out a video. Companies that use SnappyTV can also use the clips they tweet out to make money off of the placed ads. SnappyTV’s list of clients include: Fox (including Fox Sports and Fox Sports Prep Zone), The CW, the U.S. Open, NASCAR, the PAC 12 Network, the Big West Conference, Universal Sports, Oracle, FS North, SAP, the NCAA, ABC News, and TechCruch. With more clients in no doubt to come, these 15 clients seem to have a jump-start on what is sure to be a growing industry.

Many people share content they see on Twitter with other social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube; but do not worry; Twitter said that with their new addition of SnappyTV, you are still able to share out content to these other sites. Even though SnappyTV is a start-up company, they are also growing rapidly with the 15 businesses that have already signed on to use the tool. 

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