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Online Strategy for Website Optimization

By Braeden Mincher on June 12, 2014 |


By: Braeden Mincher, Social Media Manager

Not getting enough web traffic?

Businesses know the importance of having an active online presence. Some businesses even skip traditional advertising and exclusively advertise their business on their website as well as using social media. Especially this day and age, online business recognition is an important factor in order to thrive. However, finding an online marketing strategy is something that many businesses struggle with since you want to find one that pulls in the most audience while at the same time gives you long-lasting results. Tyler Collins, the CEO at Swell Marketing Inc. has compiled 5 tips that are his formula to create the most reliable and long-lasting online presence for a business that he has found great success in.Online Strategy, inbound marketing, website optimization

The first tip should be a term that everyone who is online should be familiar with. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since search engines methods are constantly changing and updating, older websites or websites that are not recently updated can be off the radar in modern search engines. Though some website designers and programmers think that they know how SEO works, they may not have a full understanding when it comes to word placement and recognition. Presentation of a website can keep audience engaged, keeping them on your website longer but while building a website, it is important to keep search engines in the back of your mind. Collins considers, “Elements like the internal navigation, content organization, content quality and image uniqueness and originality” major factors for search engines to regard when measuring a website's expectation and significance for a given search. In addition, people visit a website and want to make sure that it can be trusted. Things such as a business’s contact information, privacy policies, terms and conditions, etc are safety factors that audiences consider. These elements can draw audiences in because it seems resourceful and trusting.

The second resource that is important for businesses of all sizes to optimize is the stressed use of social media. Any advertiser will stress the importance of being active on social media. Being on different social media sites will allow you as a business reach various demographics. Some businesses want to target a certain demographic and there are social sites that allow you to have a more selective audience because they can search for you and find you according to what they are looking for. Social media can also help jump start newer companies because of how people search for services now. People no longer look in a phone book because now many people look up a company online. This is also how people review businesses so if you know your services are good, having a social media presence can help you out a lot! There have been start-up businesses that have been known to get their name out there cost-free because of their knowledge of how to use social media to advertise. Some social media sites such as Facebook allow paid social media advertising and promotion so you are almost guaranteed that a certain number of people see your post. This can drive a large amount of traffic to your website.

It can fly by your radar if your website has issues with getting the traffic you want. Web designers and marketers may be missing the most important pieces to a website which is why Collins highly suggests working with a trained professional in website conversion optimization. This way, you have one less thing to worry about in running your business and at the same time being comfortable that an experienced professional is there to test out various elements to see which one is the most fitting with your website.

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