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Shifts in Social Media That are Affecting Your Online Advertising

By Braeden Mincher on June 3, 2014 |


By: Braeden Mincher, Social Media Manager

It’s an inevitable fact that the world is changing everyday and with that, the way companies market their products and business is constantly evolving to keep up with the shifts. The social media marketing movement is a shift that does not look like it is going anywhere soon.

One shift that has remained pretty constant is the use and importance of social media in media in marketing. But it raises a question as to what the shifts are on social media and internet marketing. Considering the new social media sites that are coming about and the constant updates and features that it is creating, how can we keep up?

The Social Media Examiner released their 6th annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report that surveyed more than 2,800 marketers to get their perspective on how they use social media in order to find out which marketing tactics are the most effective.

To summarize the report, there have been 6 noticeable shifts in social media marketing that can affect the way a business markets their brand. These shifts are evolving at a quick pace and with the helpful hints below, you can be ahead of the game while everyone else is lagging behind.Digital Marketing, Inbound marketing

  • The first shift that was caught was the fact that blogging is making a come-back. When the marketers were asked how they plan to change their future social media actions, 68 percent of marketers said that they will start to blog or increase their blogging efforts. The last time that blogging was considered one of the top social media considerations was back in 2010. It seems that everyone is creating a blog nowadays but maybe we’re onto something!
  • This next shift could come at a surprise for many people. Although this popular social media site revolutionized the way we use social media and is constantly updating with new features and looks, the grandfather of social media is on the decline. If you haven’t guessed what it is yet, it is Facebook. The report shows that although Facebook is still a popular way to market their business, we are starting to see a decline of the use of marketing on Facebook. Facebook still remains the most important social media site overall for marketing but 7 percent of marketers said that they plan to decrease the use of their use Facebook this year. In addition, only 43 percent of the surveyed marketers said that their Facebook efforts are effective.
  • The third shift that was noticed by the report was B2B vs. B2C requiring a change in focus. B2C marketers said that Facebook dominates with 68 percent of marketers saying that Facebook is the number one go-to social media platform for marketing. Following Facebook for B2C marketers is YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. As for B2B marketers, LinkedIn is their go-to social media platform rather than Facebook. Other important platforms for B2B marketers are Twitter and blogging.

With all three of these shifts seeming significant for marketers and business personal, it raises a question as to how many other shifts we’re seeing in social media. There are three more main shifts that we will see project in the future and you’re going to want to know what they are.

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