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Social Media Strategies That Can Build a Twitter Following

By Braeden Mincher on May 13, 2014 |


By: Braeden Mincher, Social Media Manager

Businesses of all sizes have been jumping on the social media bandwagon in order to increase public attention for their business. Joining various types of social media sites is simple, but gaining a following is a tedious task that needs to be done right.

Twitter is one of the big social media giants but it is a simpler one to manage at that compared to Facebook’s many buttons and features. This doesn’t mean that you should not make the best out of your Twitter profile though! Twitter tips

There are a few important things that can go by your radar when creating a Twitter profile. Some things you may not even think about can make all the difference to your business’s social network.

  • Let’s begin with your Twitter bio. Make the most of that tiny space by stating either who you are or what your business does. You may include what skills you have or why your business stands out. Also, including the city your business is in can be helpful for your site visitor. 
  • Include your URL in your Twitter bio, not just the URL field in order for visitors to view it from their mobile devices.
  • Your profile picture can definitely be the most important thing to hit right on target. For personal and professional profiles, make yourself easy to recognize with a close-up headshot of yourself (Choose a good one, not a cropped out group picture).
  • Since Twitter allows you to have a profile picture and a header picture, it is good to know the dimensions of those pictures. The header photo is 1500 x 500 px and the profile picture is 400 x 400 px.

Another important ingredient in the social media marketing mix is the content that you send to your followers. It’s like Twitter etiquette and monitoring what you tweet can help you gain a following.

  • Even if your goal is promote yourself or your company, don’t be entirely promotional. Retweet other content and interact with other users to create an even balance.
  • Incorporating links into your tweets helps you to establish yourself as an industry leader and can increase engagement.
  • The length of your tweet can also determine how many people read it. There’s a reason why Twitter limits the amount you can type to 140 characters, it’s because people aren’t on Twitter to read lengthy articles, they go on Twitter for short and simple messages. Try keeping your tweets to around 100 characters instead of 140. Short, thoughtfully written content is what will draw your followers in.
  • Show off your unique personality on Twitter by occasionally tweeting funny or interesting content that coincides with your business content. Your followers may find you more relatable which will draw them in.
  • Images are a huge aspect of Twitter. People will view images more than any other thing on the web and with one of Twitter’s new features; this allows images to appear inline on Twitter to show a preview of the image.

Always remember, people make mistakes, even you do. There are a few rules to follow in case you fall into one of these Twitter-felonies.

  • Don’t tweet links at people to your website or blog in hopes of getting their attention. No one likes that, it’s spam.
  • Never send auto direct messages. People will unfollow you.
  • Do not go on a hash-tag spree. One or two hashtags is plenty.
  • People like those who are positive and happy. Never go on a rant on Twitter no matter how passionate you are on a topic. Not only is it unprofessional, it gives people a different outlook on you or your business.
  • Do not constantly follow and unfolllow people on Twitter, especially if you’re doing it for attention. People will take notice of this and not in a good way. 
Twitter can be a highly beneficial aspect to your marketing mix, so utilize it and do it the right way! If you would like to learn more tips for maximizing your Twitter account download our Free Tips Now!
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