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Digital Trends for Small Business Marketing

By Heath Minger on June 19, 2014 |


By: Heath Minger, Social Media Manager

With so many changes occurring in the continual development and dependence of the internet in the everyday lives of consumers in 2014, small businesses are at risk of falling behind on the digital trends that are on the rise. Owners of small businesses know that their business is a main source ofsmall business marketing, OH income, so understanding and implementing the trends that will be on the rise for the coming year can take a small business from struggling to thriving by maximizing the business opportunities on these digital trends.

Go Digital

The fist step in accomplishing this is to establish a digital connection with consumers. The most basic online method to establish this connection is through a simple business-focused website. Consumer demand for online interaction is rising and small businesses need to give in to this request.  In a survey completed by, it was found that only 4 out of 10 small businesses have a business website. So that means 6 out of these 10 are missing out on the potential business-booming benefits of online interaction with consumers.

Stay Local

It is very important for small businesses to establish a local presence. With an increasing amount of online search queries, even more so with mobile searches, being focused on local businesses; it is very important that small businesses have the best search engine optimization (SEO) in place. This will allow the small business’ information to have a higher ranking on local search results.


With the use of smartphones and tablets continuously increasing in 2014, the ease of access to a business’ mobile website is critical to having a better action or reaction from consumers. Today, nearly 30 percent of all web traffic is generated from a mobile device, whether a smartphone or tablet, and that number will most likely grow as smartphone/tablet popularity increases. Mobile devices are getting closer and closer to delivering a home broadband experience through mobile networks, so it is important that a business has an easily accessible website with simple navigation. A website that is limited with content and poor navigation will be passed over for a site that gives the consumer a better experience.

Having a friend or neighbor down the street designing and maintaining a business website as a favor to the owner is no longer enough. A small business owner should be focused on one main goal – making the business successful, not IT and online marketing. Having a business partner that understands the business’ digital needs will allow the owner to focus on the business while having the CONFIDENCE that their website is being taken care of professionally by a partner who provides resources to save time and helps achieve success online.

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