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Instagram Tips For Marketing Your Business

By Braeden Mincher on April 29, 2014 |


By: Braeden Mincher, Social Media Manager

Many people refer to Instagram as a photo-sharing social media site where you can debut your exciting life, selfies or beloved pets to your friends and family on your list of followers.

Although Instagram is popular on the individual level, it is becoming a great tool for business. Don't think that you can't use Instagram if you don't have a visual just need to be creative.

Posts of your employees can be one way to share on Instagram.  Every company has its traditions or celebrates popular events and holidays. These are opportunities to share photos of the team getting together in a non-work related context.

Instagram also is great for showing your products to a photo-loving fan base. However, advertising your business on Instagram is more than a simple snapshot and upload; to maximize your advertising on Instagram, there are a few more simple steps to follow.

Instagram tips

  • Filters are an easy and wonderful feature of Instagram. It allows you to change the coloring of your photo to best fit the image. It’s like photo-shop with a click of a button! Using filters on your business’s images enhances creativity and keeps your posts fun and trendy.
  • Make your followers famous by embedding their photos to your social media account. By asking their permission (of course), use your followers’ photos from your business and thank them for posting about your product. They’ll feel special that you used their image and this may encourage others to follow suit!
  • Hashtag relevant or key words about what your business sells. You can also see which hashtags are trending and use these to fit your business so you can be included in all the trending fun. Hashtags are also a way to connect with each other and view other people’s photos that are on the same topic as you.
  • Utilize videos/ behind the scenes of your business. Video sharing is one of Instagram’s newest features that allow you to show off your silly side or behind the scenes moments. Whether it’s posting a video about how your product is made or pulling a prank on one of the workers, the video feature allows your followers to see the other fun side of your business.
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