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Increase Customer Engagement With Facebook Marketing

By Braeden Mincher on May 7, 2014 |


By: Braeden Mincher, Social Media Manager

With new social media sites surfacing and evolving, there is still one network giant that continues to take the cake. That social media powerhouse is none other than Facebook.

Businesses of all sizes have found great success advertising on Facebook. It’s easy to make a Facebook page for your business but to measure success depends on how you utilize your account.Facebook marketing

Marketing on Facebook can increase awareness of your business as well as help open up the doors of communication with your customers. There are a few simple tasks that can boost your businesses Facebook page.

Expand your Facebook page to show your personality. Just because it’s a business Facebook page does not mean that it has to be so formal and straight-forward. Share links, pictures and videos that are interesting or funny but relevant to your business. Throwing some humor in the mix can make your business more personable to others thus creating awareness about it!

Contests or sweepstakes are a fun way to create awareness for your business. Even if people are not completely interested with your business, this method might draw them in. However, Facebook cannot host contests, but you can utilize Facebook by directing people to the site where the contest is on.

Promoting your posts on Facebook is another way to be sure that your business page reaches your target audience. By paying a flat rate, one post can guarantee that your post is seen by a certain amount of Facebook users. Many business owners wonder why they need to pay for their posts to be seen if their followers are already supposed to see their posts on their news feed. Although it does surface on the followers news feed, it doesn’t mean that they will see it if they aren’t on Facebook all day, every day. Promoting posts increase the chances of people viewing your post.

Visuals are another feature that can grab the attention of an audience. According to a study from Socialbakers, photos makeup 75% of business content worldwide. Photos are a universal language! Links come in second place with 10% of total business content then following that is text-only content making up a mere 6%

Asking for feedback can heavily increase interaction too. Asking questions to your followers can help you see where public opinion lies when it comes to your business. Questions like, “What do you think about ___?” or “How was your service?” can generate talk about your business!

Most importantly, realize how important Facebook marketing can be to your business. Many small businesses have blatantly used ploys to encourage people to post on Facebook. For example, if you go to a bakery and there’s a sign that says “Like us on Facebook and check in for a free donut.” is obviously a marketing scheme but a brilliant one at that. The customer gets a free donut and the business gets free advertising-access to the customer’s Facebook friends.

Facebook is more than a social site to interact and check up on old friends. It is a place to expand and increase communication for your business. If you utilize all these features, you can’t go wrong!

By now you know that your company needs a social media strategy. We work with small to medium size businesses looking to add customers and grow profits.

Media Management Services Inc. offers a comprehensive program to help you effectively use social media. We believe that a successful social media campaign includes a solid strategy that includes audience engagement and interaction backed with state of the art analytics.


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