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Digital Marketing Raises Awareness of ONLA's New Campaign

By Jane Peters on April 20, 2014 |


The Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association (ONLA), through wanted todigital marketing OH spread the word about their new campaign "Plant Something".  

Their goal was to inform the people in Ohio about the benefits of green space.  They believe in more green space and increasing the tree canopy. After all, they are the original “green” industry. They grow things. Things that make a person happy to be outside. Things that kids climb, generation after generation. Things that improve our air, our soils, and our streams.

At, Ohio gardeners can access useful and practical gardening information compiled from reliable sources. 

With a target group as large as the entire state of Ohio, they needed to find the most effective and efficient way to get their message out.  They decided that pay-per-click  (PPC) was the tool that gave them the best return on their investment (ROI) and they could measure the results.

Businesses big and small, are always looking for different ways to market their brand, and reach the largest amount of people they can. While big businesses have the money for traditional media such as radio and TV, small businesses must become creative. Using digital marketing: SEO, email marketing and SEM businesses with smaller budgets can still compete and they can analyze their results.

So, how does pay-per-click advertising fit into a small business marketing strategy? 

Pay-per-click advertising has been around for awhile now, but most small businesses have not taken the time to become well versed in all the benefits this tool has to offer. 

When an ad is posted on a search engine and someone clicks on that advertisement, the corresponding business pays the search engine a previously set price in hopes that the person clicking will lead to a new client, or purchase. While the uncertainty of this strategy scares off some businesses, others have found great success using it.

Adding pay-per-click to your marketing strategy means having guaranteed online visibility, and for new businesses this means being seen amongst established competitors. To secure your businesses success in online visibility keywords are essential. 

Do your research before bidding on keywords because the more appropriate and fitting the keyword, the easier, appropriate and fitting, customers will see your ad. Being able to reach these people relevant to your brand is something that newspaper, radio, and TV ads cannot do. 

These forms of marketing also cannot provide what is important to today’s consumers: instant results. Having the ability to perform a task or obtain information instantly has become a daily routine for today’s consumers. So, why should the way you reach them be any different? 

Now, if the idea of having a campaign were a simple click equals monetary value, never fear. Pay-per-click can be run on a budget and comes with many different options, usually depending on what source you use to carry out the campaign.

Another benefit available to those who use pay-per-click is the ability to closely measure the return on investment. This means that you can see how your investment into this strategy is working and how to develop different areas according to that data. There is also the added bonus of using different advertisements for a pay-per-click campaign, giving you the opportunity to define the most efficient campaign over time. 

Other important information to know when mounting a pay-per-click campaign comes in the form of what not to do. Keywords were mentioned earlier and it should be known that negative keywordsare just as important. 

Having negative keywords means that an ad will not surface during certain searchers. This will make finding those “perfect-fit customers” much easier. For instance if a tea company wanted to start pay-per-click a negative keyword they might have would be: coffee or bubble tea. 

Great pay-per-click marketing campaigns have tastefully placed call to actions and have a landing page relevant to the keywords used, not just the homepage. Consumers might become frustrated if these two factors are not present when they click on an advertisement. 

Finding a company that you trust to help run your pay-per-click ads is important to the success of the campaign. You must find a company that you not only trust, but fits your needs as a small business. 

At Media Management Services Inc. we are experienced in helping small and medium sized businesses maximize their results with their digital marketing.  Whether you're new to digital marketing or too busy running your company, Media Management Services Inc. is a partner you can rely on to run your campaign effectively.

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