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Learn To Create The Best Website For Your Business

By Braeden Mincher on April 17, 2014 |


By: Braeden Mincher, Social Media Manager

Almost every business you see now has some type of online account. Whether it’s a website, social media account or both, you want you business to stand out…in a good way.

Cutting through the clutter of the advertising world is a difficult thing to come by these days. Advertising campaigns are getting more creative which makes normal advertisers blend in with the annoyance if their ads are just ok.inbound marketing OH

Well websites are another important thing to factor in when considering clutter. There are probably many things that you haven’t considered when creating content for your home page. This can even apply with social media. Now I know you’re all probably sitting at the end of your seat with popcorn waiting for these tips so here they are:

Rule number one: Be sure that your home page isn’t cluttered. Clutter of all sorts can be overwhelming. Whether its pictures, videos, text, or links, make sure that it is just the right amount of content. No one wants to read a whole bunch of sentences initially and pictures are always good but too many pictures can distract the viewer. Keep it visually appealing and easy to read.

Colors are another aspect of design that goes by the radar unnoticed. You don’t want the color scheme to be boring, but you don’t want it to be too much either. The general rule of thumb is trying to stay with about three colors.

Sizing is another important factor that is crucial to your website design. Not to say that there is an exact picture size for everything you post on your website but make sure that it is fitting. The size of the text on your website is another thing to watch for.

Consistency is key. Not too much to elaborate on that but especially by keeping a social media page, try not to change the title, handle or picture that people recognize you by. Consistency can help recognition and it is a part of your niche.

Keep your website updated. It may sound a little backwards to the tip above but I assure you these are different things. Make sure that you are updating the latest products, information, sales, business hours etc. in your website so your customers don’t feel out of the loop. Everyone likes a website that seems young and modern, no matter what your business is for.

This last tip is probably the most important one. Make your website easy to navigate and simple. Realize that not everybody who visits your website is tech-savvy. By creating drop-down tabs that specify what your visitor is looking for will make the experience of going to your website easy and enjoyable.

I understand that there is a fine line between standing out in a good way and a bad way. Especially with the market more competitive than ever, making sure your business doesn’t blend in with the rest of the competition can be a difficult thing to overcome. However, Media Management Services Inc. is here to help.

Media Management Services Inc. offers a comprehensive program to help you effectively use social media. We believe that a successful social media campaign includes a solid strategy that includes audience engagement and interaction backed with state of the art analytics.  

Our services include:   
  • A customized social media calendar
  • Design, setup and engagement on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn
  • Creation of LinkedIn Profiles for maximum results
  • Monitoring of your social presence and online reputation
  • Increasing your followers and your fan base with innovative ideas
  • Monthly analytics with recommendations to improve your business
  • Integrate your social media strategy with your inbound marketing strategy 
  • Developing and placing social media ads
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