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Is Your Facebook Account Dirty?

By Jane Peters on March 27, 2014 |


Is Your Facebook Account Dirty?  Well, maybe not dirty, but most are cluttered with lots of apps youFacebook clean up don't need or use. Spring gets most people in the mood to clean out their closets or their garage....but what about your Facebook account?

We are all guilty of signing into websites and apps using Facebook. Do you have any idea how many and what permissions you are allowing them on your account?

You can go to your "settings" and clean out the permissions and apps on your Facebook home page. Just find the small downward-pointing triangle in the top-right corner. Click on Settings. Choose Apps and you will see a complete list of apps you use on Facebook.

You can see who can see each app and how you use it,  such as if it's visibility is Public or Friends. There is an Edit button beside each app. This will provide a list of all the things the app can do.  Some can access posts in your News Feed or access your data at any time. Some can even post on your behalf. Click the “x” to disable any behavior you want to limit.

Want to remove it altogether? You can also select "Remove" in this Edit window. A dialog box will appear, offering you the option to check a box and delete all of your activity with that app on Facebook. However, the app will retain the data that you shared with it.

The fastest way to remove unwanted apps is to select the “X” beside each app in the “Apps you use” list. You can also stop interactions by choosing to turn them off. You'll find this at the top of the App Settings menu. This will let you turn off the platform of any of the connected programs you want to clean up.

Facebook is a great tool, but monitoring which apps have access and permissions is important. Happy Cleaning.  

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