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Boost Your Business with These Twitter Tips!

By Braeden Mincher on March 20, 2014 |


By Braeden Mincher, Social Media Manager 

Social media is not just for random thoughts, staying in touch or ranting on. Social media is aTwitter for business key component in promoting business and it is only getting more popular. If your business already has a Twitter account or a Facebook page, congratulations! You’re on top of the game.

Everyone wants a good reputation, right? Having a strong social media strategy will not only allow you promote your business but it also allows you to monitor what others are saying about it.

Many of us know that Twitter allows you to form relationships and interact with potential customers, but do you know if you’re doing it the right way? You may not know it but you could be making avoidable mistakes.

Here are 3 key mistakes you need to avoid:

  1. Annoying Self-Promotion – Sure the reason why you have a twitter account is to talk about your business but don’t cross the line. Keep up to date on your latest endeavors but make sure you are interacting as much as you are composing tweets. It is important to people that you care about what they’re saying, so recognize it, embrace it, love it!
  2. Don’t Retweet Yourself – In conversation, you wouldn’t repeat the same sentence twice in a row, right? Well we hope you don’t. Even if you really like your tweet, you're proud of it, (which is good!) don’t be a retweet offender. It’s the Facebook comparison of liking your own status and if you do that as well…cease!
  3. Hashtag Happy – Using hashtags are a pretty neat thing! It allows people to see what others are saying about the same topic, get other peoples opinions and it allows you to trend. But a tweet with one or two hashtags at the end of your tweet is plenty; don’t over do it. It distracts the follower and turns them away to your tweet. But make sure the hashtag is a key word; you wouldn’t want just any word hashtaged. 

These tips are easy to fix and important for your Twitter account. But that’s not all folks. To step up your Twitter game even more, find more tweeting tips by clicking on the button below.

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Happy tweeting!

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