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Google “Hummingbird” Changes the way you Create Content

By Brittany Woods on May 8, 2014 |


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By Braeden Mincher, Social Media Manager

Google continues to update its search algorithms in order to create a more user friendly experience. The latest update, Hummingbird, more accurately understands the subtleties of human language to produce relevant results. Even the name of the algorithm contributes to the type of search Hummingbird will carry out: precise and fast.

This is good news for those of us who have a hard time describing something in few words. The next big question is: how will this change the way your business creates content?

The 2010 update “Caffeine Update” taught the algorithm masters at Google what the next step needed to be: a more meaningful search.

Hummingbird will pick pages that have the most tailored information, letting users get straight to the point of their search. sMeaningful post such as “How-to’s” and “Frequently Asked Questions”, will be popular choices for the new search algorithm.

Have you paid attention to the typography of your site before? Well, now is the time to start!

Hummingbird chooses sites that are going to lead the user to the quickest answer. While it looks for neat articles that give a straight answer, the algorithm will also find the articles that are the easiest to read.

These six typography facets will help lead your content down a more user-friendly road:

  1. TypefaceA particular design of type that include letters, numbers and symbols. Typefaces are often part of a type family of corresponding designs, for example, Times Roman, Helvetica and Courier.
  2. Font: One style of typeface that has a specific weight, width and size.
  3. Kerning:  The adjustment of space between individual characters. This makes text more proportional and pleasing to the eye.
  4. Tracking: Also called letter-spacing, this adjusts the space uniformly in a block of text.
  5. Line length: The width of a block or line of text, measured between its right and left margins.
  6. Leading: The space between lines of text. Closer leading fits more text on one page, but lowers readability.

Meta-tags are more important when posting content to your website. When users search for something Hummingbird will be finding pages that are not just part of the key word, but also have the content that the user is actually looking for, for example a search for: “How to manage my internet marketing” will not bring up pages for internet marketing like it did in the past. Now the search will produce links to sites that will show you how to manage your internet marketing, and the people you can contact to help.


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