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Learn Why Its Important to Build Customer Loyalty

By Brittany Woods on February 24, 2014 |


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By Brittany Woods, Social Media Manager

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop spreading the love around. I don’t mean you have to run around and be cupid, I’m talking about creating love of your brand for more customer loyalty.

Keeping your clients and future clients up to date about why they should love your brand is a constant way to build your business.

How can you do this? Well in the world of small business the key to letting people know that they need your brand in their lives, is being interested in their own life.

People buy things for emotional reasons and if they fall in love with your brand, then they will keep coming back to it. This can be done in a million different ways, but the best place to start is in the details.

People like a brand for having great customer service and 55% of consumers are likely to pay more for a brand for a better customer experience. Make sure your public relations campaign is on a positive track. 

Next, create a brand image that is strong and gives your business the credibility it desires. This could mean that the old website you’ve been using since the internet was created, might not be doing you any favors. Spice up your website with modern graphics, dynamic content, and eye-catching color. Give the people something with energy and something they can come to recognize.

Create relationships with your customers through Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Having a strong social media strategy will help you discover any problems and monitor your online reputation.

Always keep your customers happy with fascinating content, whether that be from a blog or your twitter account. You can also surprise your clientele with over delivery. Give them what they want, and then some. People come back to businesses when they’ve had positive experiences.

These positive experiences can lead your clients to give great reviews to their friends and family...word of mouth advertising for your brand. Yet if you’re not careful this can work the opposite way.

For every negative review, there are twenty-six other unhappy customers who have stayed silent. Encouraging feed-back and actually listening to what’s being said can lead you to a more positive experience with the community.

They say falling in love isn’t easy, but if you show people why they are a great fit for your brand then nothing but a perfect match can follow.

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