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Facebook's New Features Make It Easier For Online Marketing

By Jane Peters on February 21, 2014 |


Facebook is making it easier for online marketers to target users.   Thursday they Facebook marketingintroduced new features that enable social media marketers to reach their target markets more effectively.

The social platform gives online advertisers more flexibility in their targeting by location, demographic, interests and behavior.

Facebook wants to expand the revenue stream from its ad sales, so they have developed new options for those that are seeking specific users. These new options will allow advertisers to more narrowly target Facebook’s over 1 billion users.

The geographic targeting is much improved. This will be of great value for political campaigns and those with specific geographic marketing areas. Now a political group or candidate can use a combination of cities, states and or zip codes.  Before, it was only possible to target multiple locations if they were all cities or all states.

Advertisers can also exclude areas now. For example if you wanted to target Democrat voters, you can buy the whole state and exclude strong Republican cities or zip codes. Or you can choose whole cities and some specific zip codes.

Facebook is also letting advertisers reach users based on recent life events that have happened in the last three months. The time frame was within a six-month or twelve-month period previously.

Advertisers can now target users based on their job titles.   They previously allowed advertisers to target based on workplace and email addresses only. The new feature will allow B-B marketers to narrow their campaigns to specific job titles they think will influence the buying decision.

LinkedIn has always been the social platform for B-B marketers. This new feature will help Facebook compete for that market. Facebook has a long way to go to surpass Linkedin for job postings, but recruiters will find the new features very helpful.

User interests are now more easily targeted. The new format ensures that just by choosing a key word, the ads will be targeted at anyone that may have liked or expressed an interest in that topic or key word.

The new changes will certainly be attractive to many online marketers. How will you use the new Facebook features?

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