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How Can You Kick-Up Your SEO in 2014?

By Jane Peters on January 27, 2014 |


By Brittany Woods, Social Media Manager

The term “Search engine optimization” or SEO, was coined by a marketing group in 1997. InSEO agency OH almost twenty years the internet has changed drastically and the content that we see when using search engines has too.

Even if you use search engine marketing (SEM), SEO is essential for ranking higher in search engine results.  

What many people easily forget when marketing their brand is to update the way they use SEO. “Optimization” does not mean: the marketing plan is good now so it will always be that way. SEO means changing with the times and looking ahead to possible changes in the future.

So how can you kick-up your SEO in 2014?

  1. Make your content marketing count! The SEO can only go so far when the content isn’t up to date or relevant enough to grab someone’s attention. Make it interesting enough and the SEO will do what it does best: become the bridge for content and people.
  2. Make your keywords count! With SEO it’s crucial to always be using the most up to date and popular words. This might seem like a small step, but always looking for ways to enhance your SEO in anyway can lead to a stockpile of new leads you hadn’t been able to find before.
  3. Make what you already have count! While I usher in ideas on “new” things to do to optimize your optimizer, make sure to look around and use what you already have. So many marketers forget that the best weapons in their SEO arsenal are the things they already have. This includes the blogs you post to your site, or even the product your marketing. Using everything at your disposal to the max can improve the way your SEO works for you.

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