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What will February Bring for TV Advertising?

By Jane Peters on January 22, 2014 |


By Brittany Woods, Social Media Manager

February 2014 is going to be big for advertisers. The Olympics and Super Bowl will dominate the month, and brands are gearing up their marketing for the big events.  We all know the Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL) and that the teams represent the highest level of professional American football in the United States. The ads that run in the Super Bowl have become the epitome of some of the best ads in the US.   

The marketing strategy implemented by the big brands will influence the types of commercials we'll see more of from other advertisers.     TV advertising, OH

What kind of ads will be shown this year? We already know that GoDaddy, the creator of some of the most controversial commercials aired in previous Superbowls’, will be changing their image this year and going for more “mature” commercials.

Re-branding goals in mind CEO Blake Irving had this to say about this year's Super Bowl commercials: “This year you’ll see something very funny, very edgy, and by the end of the commercials, you’re actually going to know who GoDaddy is, who our customers are and what we do”. A pattern has already emerged from other companies planning to take the same approach.

Axe recently released their Super Bowl commercial with the slogan: “Make love, not war”. The commercial and the slogan veer in the complete opposite direction of what Axe has produced in the past. This new marketing campaign supports a message of peace at all times, and not a single scantily clad man or women is seen.

These two companies have decided to change their image for the Super Bowl, but what kind of advertisements will we see during the Olympics? Will they be inspiring and tear-jerking like past Olympic marketing campaigns?                                                      Super Bowl advertising, OH

With Proctor and Gamble leading the way, and already rolling out Olympic commercials, it’s safe to say that not much will change.

The “Thank you, Mom” campaign continues and so far has been just as inspiring and tear-jerking. Inbound or digital marketing will be a huge factor also. Utilizing the hashtag for social media, Proctor and Gamble will set the tone with the way the marketing is done for these Olympic Games.

What will this year bring for your marketing campaigns? Will they inspirational like Proctor and Gamble? Will they be different then anything you’ve had before like GoDaddy and Axe?

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