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Why You Need a Media Consultant in 2014

By Jane Peters on January 3, 2014 |


What should you do with your marketing strategy for 2014? Should you have a Facebook page? A company page on Linkedin? Should you be emailing your customers and new leads on a regularmedia consultant OH basis?  Should you move all your TV advertising to the web?

As a business owner or marketing manager for a medium or small business, you probably find yourself constantly bombarded with information about digital platforms and products that are designed to revolutionize your marketing and media strategies. 

To be competitive, you are told you need to have a presence over many digital platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and that these platforms need to be managed and monitored constantly. 

That’s a wonderful plan but most companies don’t have the time or resources to accomplish this.

The digital shift is, of course, a necessity, but blending the traditional and the digital platforms is what is needed for success.  Abandoning your traditional media to focus only on digital media will not bring the results that a combination of the platforms can provide.

Successful companies have shifted marketing budgets to digital, but still maintain a strong presence with traditional media platforms.

There are many web designers, TV and radio stations, and ad agencies that see the shift in dollars and want a piece of the pie.  But most don't really know how to utilize the digital world from a marketing prospective.

Finding an advertising agency that understands your traditional and your digital needs and also fits into your budget is another problem.   Perhaps the answer to your digital dilemma is a media consultant.

The rise of media consultants will increase in the next few years, as companies realize that trying to sift through all the emails and all the information about products and services that may be relevant to your company, leaves little time for your core business.

A media consultant can help you determine the best and most efficient platforms and how to focus your marketing budget for maximum results while saving you lots of time.

To succeed clients will need to include the consultant in comprehensive business strategies to insure that the company goals are consistent across the traditional and digital environments.

Here a just a few of the services a media consultant can bring to your organization.  A media consultant can:

  1. Can keep you updated on the newest innovations.
  2. Develop strategies to combine traditional and digital marketing plans.
  3. Keep you focused and your message consistent.
  4. Find partners to supplement your staff.
  5. Determine which platforms will produce the best results rather than spreading your efforts over too many.
  6. Determine which services can be effectively handled in-house and those that need to be out-sourced.
  7. Develop content that will insure your message is consistent across multiple platforms.
  8. Develop and execute a media buys across all platforms.

At Media Management Services, Inc. we focus on building community, understanding people and managing businesses to develop strategies for clients in the digital and traditional environments.  

If you would like to learn more about how a media consultant can help you meet your marketing goals, contact us for a FREE consultation.

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