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Is Your Online Marketing Delivering the Best Results?

By Jane Peters on July 24, 2017 |


Is your website bringing you the results you want?  Have you been thinking about trying newPPC agency ways to attract customers and clients, but aren't sure where to start?  Inbound marketing is a great way to enhance your marketing and get better results from your website. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a term used to describe the various ways to market a website via search engines, and uses both organic search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search strategies. 

Organic search is based on unpaid, natural rankings determined by search engine algorithms, and can be optimized with various SEO practices such as keyword usage, blogging, and more. However, paid search allows you to pay a fee to have your website displayed on the search engine results page (SERP) when someone types in specific keywords or phrases to the search engine. 

The SERP displays the ads that you create to direct viewers to your site. The amount you pay is based on either clicks on pay-per-click (PPC) or views of these ads.  This allows you to rank on sponsored search listings. Organic and paid listings both appear on the search engine, but they are displayed in different locations on the page. 

Did you know that over 70% of people click on the organic search results, while just 30% of people are likely to click on the paid links? 

Don’t let those numbers discourage you from using paid search. It is a great option when organic search alone isn’t enough to get your business ranking high with the search engines. 

Paid search is a valuable tool for optimizing your digital presence. 

Many companies look at paid search as a replacement for the yellow page or to replace print ads in general.  We all know that the yellow pages are a thing of the past. Even they know it.  Yellow pages reps spend more time trying to sell businesses their paid search than their outdated books, but who wants to buy digital from a print firm? 

Paid search works when you’ve spent the time to optimize your site for organic searches.  It is not meant to replace organic practices, but to enhance them.

Using PPC or pay-per–click means you don’t pay for your ad to be displayed.  You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and views it. 

This is more effective than buying impressions (CPM) as your ad could be displayed to a million visitors and only a few actually have an interest and click on your ad.

CPM is a waste of money.  You can spend thousands of dollars displaying your ads to people who have no interest in your goods or services.  When you use PPC, you have a better chance of converting the visitor. If you are new to SEM, PPC is a better option. 

So how much does it cost to use PPC? 

Google uses an auction-style bid to set their prices. Companies bid on key words.  Depending on how competitive the category, the price can fluctuate. 

The price you pay is not just based on the highest bid.  Google also uses a quality score to evaluate ads.  This includes looking at the keywords and the ads to insure that when someone clicks on an ad, it delivers the best user experience. Google wants the ads to be relevant to the search terms. 

How small businesses can use PPC without breaking their budgets.

With Google Adwords you set a daily budget on the campaign level.  This takes the fear out of online marketing, you can limit the amount you spend each day.You can also limit how much is spent throughout the day.  This allows you to spread your dollars and not run out of money in a few hours.  It also helps keep your competitors from clicking repeatedly on your ads to waste your money. 

When starting out, it is advisable to set a low budget.   You can monitor your results and the quality of the leads to optimize your campaign. This allows you to tweak your ads for better results without spending your entire budget. 

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