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Snapchat a New Social Media App

By Jane Peters on October 10, 2013 |


By Brittany Woods, Social Content Manager

With over 800,000 apps available for both Apple and Android devices, marketing via mobilesocial media marketing OH has become an exciting platform for businesses to advance on. There is, however, a small problem. Some apps are not created for businesses to market with. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, many of the apps available today can not be effectively utilized for small business. With this knowledge in mind, many have overlooked Snapchat as a usable marketing tool. That is until very recently, when a few small and big businesses decided to take the risk, and use Snapchat to market their brand. What’s surprising isn’t that it’s possible, no the surprise is that it works.

Snapchat was founded in September of 2011 and has become a popular app for avid Smartphone users. The lure of Snapchat lies in the ability to send a picture that will delete after a set amount of time. Creator, Evan Spiegel, describes Snapchat as bringing people closer through viewing pictures in the moment:  “That’s the beauty of this app. It’s all about the right now, sharing a message that turns into a meaningful moment no matter how brief.”

With over 60 million pictures being shared everyday, it’s no wonder Snapchat has seen so much success in a short amount of time.

This success looks only to get bigger as businesses find creative ways to use the app.

Diet Coke sent Taylor Swift fans daily clues, for five days, on items they needed to collect in order to win a free concert ticket. A yogurt shop inNew York City, 16 Handles, is the first documented company to use Snapchat as marketing tool. Customers took pictures eating the brands yogurt and sent it to the companies Snapchat account. Later these customers were rewarded with a Snapchat coupon they could show cashiers upon their next 16 Handles purchase. The coupons took of 16 to 100 percent off of that purchase.   

Last month Snapchat released a new “Story Feature” that allows a user to string together snaps for a 24 hour time period. TacoBell jumped on this feature and so began the telling of Taco Bell “stories”. Nick Tran is the social media lead for Taco Bell and had this to say on the companies Snapchat, story platform: "They love sharing their stories and trips and adventure. We created a story that modeled that experience of hanging out with a friend."

So how can you’re small business harness the power of Snapchat in a professional yet exciting way? Below are a few tips that every business should know when launching a Snapchat campaign.

  1. Flash Sales/Coupons:
    • Let your customers know about a sale, or send them a coupon they can use when cashing out
  2. Fill in the Blank:
    • Allow customers to Guess an image or fill in the blank, with the txt option, and award them coupons when the answers are correct
  3. Say Hello:
    • Making yourself relevant is a must, so sending a quick Snap hello let’s your customers know they are being though about. This will also help build a stronger connection with them!

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