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Will Marijuana Ads Be Running During the Super Bowl?

By Jane Peters on September 26, 2013 |


By Brittany Woods, Social Content Manager

The Super Bowl is not only a day of tremendous athleticism; it’s also a day for tremendousmedia buyer OH advertising. Getting an ad in the Super Bowl is like taking home the gold. Now-a-days people are more interested in the commercials then the actual football game. So how hard is it to actually score a spot?

Well if you’re a company that has an extra $4 million in the bank then you have a much better chance. So what about the one’s who do not have a supple bank account? What if they have, say, only a $1 million annual budget? 

The solution is a contest; A contest that gives away a free Super Bowl ad. This contest, smartly named “Small Business, Big Game”, is being help by Intuit, the company that brought us QuickBooks, and many other business related tools. They have accepted 10,000 entries from small businesses who desire an ad for this season’s Super Bowl. One of these entries has caught a lot of media attention and it won’t be difficult to understand why.

NORML which stands for: National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is vying to win this contest. NORML’s goal is to “move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults…” Their website boasts many platforms people can help them achieve this goal, and showcases their time in the media spotlight. This contest might be their biggest moment to date.

Inuit has noticed the attention this business has gotten since entering their contest and had this to say about it: “This program has been a huge success in our eyes. And we want to continue to focus on all the entries-not just one”.

With questions flying at Inuit about how the small business will advance, they are poker faced, and have been reported saying: “We have no stance on medical marijuana as a company,” and later: “By design, we’ve had a diverse range of businesses entering Small Business Big Game and sharing their unique stories with the world.”

With this attitude who knows what will happen when the 10,000 get narrowed down to 20, then to four. What is known is that Fox, the network that is showing the Super Bowl this year, will have to review whoever wins to make sure the content matches up to “broadcast standards”.

So who knows if NORML will make it all the way to the big game, what we do know is that their PR department must be ecstatic with all of the coverage they’ve been getting over the matter and Inuit might be a little uncomfortable.

Whatever business is fortunate enough to win this contest will be looking forward to a much brighter future for their business.  Is the Super Bowl part of your advertising strategy?

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