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Public Gets Free TV-Lookout Cable Companies

By Jane Peters on September 26, 2013 |


Federal law requires TV network giants to now broadcast their signals for FREE regionally.  Nowmedia buying agency those who are tired of high monthly cable bills can receive clear digital pictures in all 50 states. Using a micro antenna device, viewers can now pull in the FREE channels without the monthly bills.

Viewers in large metropolitan areas may get up to 53 static free channels, while those in rural areas may get fewer.  Now, programs such as local news will be available without a fee.

Already plagued by loss of subscribers using NetFlix and Hulu for their TV viewing, the new rules may prove an even bigger problem for cable companies.  

US residents can call Clear-Cast, the antenna manufacturer or sign up online and get the antenna for half off in the next 48 hours.  The number is 1-877-287-4230 or online  Use the code XS453 to get the 50% off price on the antenna. 

The recent battle between CBS and Time Warner has left a lot of viewers searching for better ways to access local networks.  This may be the answer.  As a media buyer, it may seriously affect media strategy if enough people sign up.  

How do you watch TV?  Will the availability of Free TV get you to cancel your cable subscription?

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