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SEO Tips...Small Changes for Better Search Rankings

By Jane Peters on April 24, 2014 |


By Brittany Woods, Social Media Manager

If you have a business today, you know that ranking well on search engines is essential.  Theinbound marketing agency OH majority of people looking for goods or services go to the web first.  A higher ranking means more users will see your listing.  

There are thousands of search engines, but most searches are conducted on Google or Bing. Yahoo is a large site, but it gets its search results from Bing. So concentrate on ranking well with the first two.

Optimization of your web site doesn't have to be complicated but it is competitive.  As more businesses learn about SEO, it is harder to rank in the top spots. (Beware of companies promising top rankings on thousands of sites.  Most of these are spammers  or use questionable SEO tactics and won't deliver.)

Google has guidelines for approved SEO strategies at  The strategies that Google will penalize a site for are considered Black Hat SEO.  These include on-page keyword stuffing and back linking blasts that generate thousands of back links to your site.  Google can and does impose penalties on sites that don't follow their rules.  No one wants to be dropped by Google, so follow their rules.

Pick keywords that are important to your customers.  If you don't know which keywords to use, you can perform a competitive search.  Type in the keyword or phrase and scroll down the page to see:

  • How many pay-per-click ads are on the page?
  • How many local results are on the page?
  • How many bold or highlighted words are on the page?
  • How many links are in bold on the page?
  • How many complete phrases are on the page?

The answer to those questions will help you determine how competitive the keywords or phrases are and how easy it will be for you to achieve a high ranking.  If your keywords are highly competitive you can try very specialized keywords.  Don't just focus on the primary keyword, but try to optimize for several.

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When you have chosen your keywords or phrases, you want to create content that uses them. The more pages you have with these on them, the more likely you will be ranked for them on the major search engines.

Many small business create their web sites and rarely add new content. Sites that don't add new content often find their search rankings falling as Google sometimes will consider the site abandoned.  Adding new pages with quality content to your site helps your rankings.  Google looks for fresh content on many subjects.  Attaching a blog to your web site allows you to create new content around your key search terms.

Be sure the content you add is quality.  Don't add key search terms just to rank better.  Your content should read well and provide visitors the kind of information they will find useful.

Remember ranking #1 is not the goal.  You want to generate the right kind of traffic.  If you have a lot of visitors to your site but they aren't interested in your services or products, your #1 ranking isn't helping you.  

Attracting the right visitors to your site is the goal!  

It is important to understand that local SEO results do not happen overnight. There is no top secret method that will take your website to the top right away. It requires hard work, a well thought out plan and consistent follow through and execution in order to see top local search results. 

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