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Mobile Apps and Your Small Business Marketing

By Jane Peters on August 12, 2013 |


By Brittany Woods, Social Media Content Manager

We always seem to be talking about the different ways that each social media site caninbound marketing agency OH individually help your business rise to the top. What if each site had a common factor that could help even further? I am of course talking about the “Mobile App”.

Some might say that the first apps were the games the early phones held, remember Snake on Nokia phones? Well in the present time we could hardly consider those games anything close to a mobile app.

 “Internet applications that run on smartphones and other mobile devices. Mobile applications usually help users by connecting them to Internet services more commonly accessed on desktop or notebook computers, or help them by making it easier to use the Internet on their portable devices.”

Above is the mobile app definition that can be found on The only thing missing from this description is how extraordinarily helpful these mobile apps have become for all business owners! 

With today’s technology users are able to not only log onto the internet with ease, but swiftly carry out any task that can be done on a desktop computer or even in the physical world.  For example many banks now have apps that allow their customers to take pictures of their checks and deposit them right then and there.

What’s more incredible are the recent advances in the type of applications that can be downloaded for marketing purposes. Ever have to leave the office and miss something important on a social media site? The mobile apps are constantly being updated for these sites and continue to make working on the go easy.

Other popular mobile apps that business’s find helpful now include:

  • Evernote-which allows owners to sync notes, lists and reminders across all devices 
  • Expensify-an app that helps monitor expenses and
  • Addapat-an address book that gives you updated information about your contacts (crucial in the business world) and even updates others about you when you move or get a new number. These apps are just a few amazing advances for those looking to take their business to the next level.

Mike Pugh, vice president of marketing for j2 Global, made this statement: "Cloud and mobile solutions are a catalyst within these small businesses, allowing them to work hard, but on their own terms. Tech-savvy owners are forecasting a bright future as they lead the charge in technology adoption and push us toward a more nimble and productive mobile economy." (

The social media mobile apps can be considered the royalty of mobile apps. Facebook at the head of this royal race has 819 Million Mobile Users. Now it will be hard to make the excuse that you didn’t see or post something simply because you didn’t get the update to your phone.

LinkedIn is no doubt a great site for professionals to connect with one another, and the recent update to the mobile app allows users to apply for jobs directly from their phone. Now this might sound like a mediocre update at best, but when applying for jobs through this app you will not need to upload a resume. Your LinkedIn profile is your resume. This allows employers to get an even better idea of what kind of candidates they have when looking to fill a position.

Those who have already started to navigate the mobile app waters have found that these apps create business’s that are always on top of their game. A survey was conducted on the optimism of this new technology frontier and found that 53% of small business owners that use mobile apps on their smart devices believe that they could work entirely from a tablet within the next year. The convenience that the mobile apps provide is hard to beat!  

So will your business take the next step? Will you even create your own mobile app?

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