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Is Facebook Advertising Right For Your Small Business?

By Jane Peters on August 8, 2013 |


By Brittany Woods, Media Content Manager

Facebook: A Small Business Case Study

Facebook is always a safe place to go when looking to grow a business, however aftermedia consultant OH months of posting is Facebook really helping? With an incredible 1.11 billion monthly active users Facebook seems like the perfect place to grab the attention of new clients.

That’s what an Extermination business from Anaheim, Californiabelieves. Bug Out spent up to $1,000 on Facebook and Twitter ads for a month of advertising. Did the investment pay off?

In the Facebook community the answer is: YES!  The company was happy to report a gain of 501 likes.  This successful spike in likes isn’t what you might expect. By going out of the businesses comfort zone via Facebook they were surprisingly able to attract a younger audience. While most would think they would focus on home owners Bug Out has found success in making their outreach a little broader.

The social-media marketer handling the account for the small business, Anne Austen-Lewis had this to say about this development:  "We get a lot of backdoor leads; we’re getting a lot of messages and personal interactions with their parents."

The site has fun features that get the fans involved in the Facebook action. Their most popular one, "What's Buggin' in Your Backyard?" allows the fans to post pictures of the critters that they find in their backyards and other fans can comment and like the picture. Overall the leads that have resulted from the increase in Facebook usage total 30%. After further investigation the site now has 787 likes.

Another business that recently decided to kick start their Facebook profile activity is a photography business that recently moved to the Los Angeles area. VC Photography spent $150 dollars and got the following results.

Vinay Chinni, the photographer, was averaging 0.6 to four fans a day. Chinni posted daily and made sure to put up eye catching pictures to draw in people. After spending $150 on a Facebook Ad, Chinni attracted 43 fans in 48 hours.

Both small businesses have taken a step in the right direction by using this powerful social media tool. Being proactive and having a little patience can go a long way with Facebook. Results might not be instantaneous.

Having someone you can trust help you along in the process can also give you a little room to breathe.

Social media can be a powerful tool. It can also be a confusing and time-consuming one. Social media allows companies to listen to their customers and prospects and build relationships with them.

By now you know that your company needs a social media strategy. We work with small to medium size businesses looking to add customers and grow profits.

Media Management Services Inc. offers a comprehensive program to help you effectively use social media. We believe that a successful social media campaign includes a solid strategy that includes audience engagement and interaction backed with state of the art analytics. 

Our services include:  

  • A customized social media calendar
  • Design, setup and engagement on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn
  • Creation of LinkedIn Profiles for maximum results
  • Monitoring of your social presence and online reputation
  • Increasing your followers and your fan base with innovative ideas
  • Monthly analytics with recommendations to improve your business
  • Integrate your social media strategy with your inbound marketing strategy
  • Developing and placing social media ads

What do you think about these different cases? Do you think Facebook has helped gain leads in the past?


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