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Businesses Prefer Twitter Over Facebook

By Jane Peters on July 29, 2013 |


By Emily Linthicum, Social Media Manager

A San Francisco based social media company just released the results of a social marketmedia planner OH survey that found businesses prefer Twitter to other social media rivals when it comes to social curation. Livefyre is a business that helps companies engage consumers through social curation, real-time conversation and social advertising. They gathered feedback from over 200 executives across various industries and overall found some notable results.

Social curation is becoming an increasingly popular technique for social media outlets, it involves filtering information and links around a specific theme, a good example of this is Social curation combines social media features like sharing, liking, commenting, and following with collecting capabilities. The Survey by Livefyre found that 82% of businesses have increased user engagements by curating social activity about their brand and then using that information to enhance their websites and mobile apps.

The new research shows that businesses are turning to Twitter when it comes to this new technique. The study found that 93% of the respondents curate social activity from Twitter and 89% from Facebook. Facebook-owned Instagram had 41% of businesses in the survey report curating pictures from their site. However, Instagram fell behind Youtube which had 50% of businesses report streaming videos.

Social curation allows marketers to assess their target markets opinions on the brands and then use that information to promote their products. The survey reported that 58% of the respondents use social curation to connect directly with their audience. It also reported as a result of social curation that 57% said they saw an increase in site traffic.

Will these results push Facebook to become more real-time to keep up with their competitor Twitter? Regardless of the preferred social curation platform, it is clear that is providing businesses with valuable content to better understand their consumers.

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