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New Social Media Tool - Facebook's Graph Search

By Jane Peters on July 9, 2013 |


By Emily Linthicum, Social Media Manager

Social media is constantly evolving and as of Monday, July 08, 2013 Facebook released itsinbound marketing OH latest advanced search tool called Graph Search to all users in the United States. As Facebook continues to grow, it becomes more difficult to navigate through to find exactly what you’re looking for. This new semantic search engine let’s people efficiently find what they are looking for by entering natural language queries into the search bar. For example, you can enter phrases like “people who like cycling”, “photos before 2000” or “Restaurants in Los Angeles my friends like” and get comprehensive results.

Graph Search supports searches that are places, check-ins of friends and other users, and objects with location information. Users can also filter the results by adding specific time and dates or by searching a specific users news feed. Graph search is able to process searches up to 112 characters long.

Facebook states Graph Search helps you “find what you are looking for through your friends and connections”. Others have raised concerns on privacy issues. In fact, 19 percent of users stated privacy concerns when discussing the new launch. Facebook responded by assuring users that they have control over everything they share and who they want to share it to. To protect your privacy, go to Facebook settings and double check that your sharing options are where you would like them to be.

In the next few weeks the new feature will be available to every Facebook user in the US and several hundreds of millions already received Graph Search this week. To run a search, simply type a question into the new search bar at the top your Facebook page. Once you start typing, Graph Search will make suggestions for possible queries. Facebook launched the idea of Graph Search in March 2013 and has improved the program since. Graph search is now faster and has much better accuracy on searches.

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